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Culinary History:


Cookie Recipes
More Family Recipes
Culinary gleanings from Gerard's Herbal
Historical Information
Historical Re-enactment
Online Glossary Project of historic Culinary & Brewing Terms
Online Culinary History Library Project

Culinary History

"...One of the best medieval cooking resources available in print...." -Renaissance Magazine

"Take a Thousand Eggs or More" is my cookbook of four hundred 15th century recipes. Despite what you may have heard, “Take a Thousand Eggs or More” is still in print and available through Royal Fireworks Press, Click here for a new sample recipe, information, or reviews. Click here for an errata sheet.

Original Source Material Online - click here for a lengthy list of links to old cookbooks that are now available online. (I've moved this to its own page because the list has grown so long.)

If you are interested in joining a project to establish a searchable Online Culinary History Library, please click here.

This is an absolutely gorgeous must-see web site: Historic Food by Ivan Day. Check it out. Now!

Ancient World:

Antique Roman Dishes.

De Re Coquinaria  and Liber de Coquina –  two commercially-available Latin/German translations by the same author as the above, Herr Robert Meier.

Athenaeus’ Deipnosophistae – a transcription from Gulick’s wonderful translation.

Antique Roman Dishes - Collection

A Taste of the Ancient World - an exhibit about Greco-Roman eating and drinking, farming and starving.


Food in the Ancient World: Subsistence and Symbol, a bibliography

"Arzneimittellehre von Dioskurides" - an influential medical text

Apicius – Cooking and Dining in Imperial Rome – project Gutenberg

Apicius list. This new list is for sharing experiences in Antique Roman cookery. Relevant subjects are: Discussion on antique roman/celt/greek cooking recipes, ingredients finding or growing, antique beverages, historical background, special announcements, etc... to subscribe/unsubscribe: Archives my be seen at:

Some Recipes from Anthimus' 'De Obseruatione Ciborum Epistula'

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Medieval & Renaissance Food Homepage - Look here for more medieval recipes and medieval food clip-art.

The Crusader and Ayyubid Period (1099-1250 CE)

Historische Küche - in German.

Küchenmeisteri – 15th century cookery book, in German, by Trude Ehlert, 2010. Available for sale as a book or a pdf.

La Alimentación en las Crónicas Castellanas Bajomedievales (Food through the Medieval Castilian Chronicles). Granada. University of  Granada. 1996.
En la Alhambra Cristiana: bastimentos, tiendas y mercado (In the Christian Alhambra: Foods, Stores and Food Market). Granada. Asukaría-Mediterránea. 1999.
El abastecimiento alimentario en el reino de Granada. 1492-1510 (Food Supplies in the Kingdom of Granada (1492-1510). Granada. CTV. 2000.)

Food & Drink in Anglo-Saxon England

Medieval & Renaissance Mediterranean Cookery - Recipes from Ruperto de Nola and Martino da Como.

The diary of Pontormo (1554-56) - partial - details of everyday food

Expenses for Food and Lodging of the Embassy from Aragon , 1415

A Chaucerian Cookery, by James Matterer

Menus for Feasts in 1387 and 1443, from "Two Fifteenth-Century Cookery-Books", ed. Thomas Austin, EETS 91, 1888

A feast based on the two meat-day banquets for kings from Marxen Rumpolt's 1581 Ein New Kochbuch.

Dutch weights and measures

The Ornithology of Anglo-Saxon England


Tacuinum Sanitatis - Illuminations and Text from Medieval Health Handbooks showing foods and how they are best prepared.

Regimen Sanitatis Salerni


Medieval Sourcebook: The Assizes of Bread, Beer, & Lucrum Pistoris

The Book of Kervynge, 1513

Here bygynneth the Boke of Gode Cookery of Master Huen Damebrigge of Wychwood.

The Medieval & Renaissance Cookery Webring Homepage

Fifteenth Century Life - Dining in State: a high cuisine guide by Thomas L. Coles, Lancaster, Ohio.

Cariadoc and Elizabeth's Recipes.

A recipe for Cressee, by Cariadoc

Medieval Recipes from Various Sources

Ravensgard Medieval Arts and Crafts food page.

Archaeological Finds of Ninth- and Tenth-Century Viking Foodstuffs.

Hurstwic - what Norsemen ate


Karoli Magni capitularia - Chapter LXX is about plants and trees Charlemagne had in his estates.

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Elizabethan & Renaissance:

Elizabethan cooking information & links


Hampton Court Palace –Henry VIII’s kitchens, instructional cookery videos, & much more

Fooles and Fricassees: Food in Shakespeare's England

Elizabeth's Household

Elizabethan Food and Drink

The Renaissance at the Dinner Table By Dr. Alessandro Giacomello

Conrad  Gesner's Thierbuch, Vogelbuch, Fischbuch, Schlangenbuch, De Scorpione,... 1599. - a bestiary.

Selections from a German Meal, c. 1581

Nico Marin's Renaissance Recipes Page

From Marx Rumpolt, Ein New Kochbuch, c.1581 Transliteration and translation © 1999 by M. Grasse

 Marx Rumpolt: Ein new Kochbuch, 1581: Vom Mundkoch

In The historie of fovre-footed beastes ... : Collected out of all the volumes of Conradvs Gesner, and all other writers to this present day. London:  Printed by W. Iaggard, 1607. Topsell, Edward, 1572-1625? [Selections -- Front matter; from first book].

"Briefe and true report of the new found land of Virginia."  Latin.  Hariot, Thomas, 1560-1621. Admiranda narratio fida tamen, de commodis et incolarum ritibus Virgini : nuper admodum ab Anglis, qui à Dn. Richardo Greinvile equestris ordinis viro eò in coloniam anno M.D. LXXXV. deducti sunt invent, sumtus faciente Dn. VValtero Raleigh equestris ordi.  Francoforti ad Moenum : Typis Ioannis Wecheli, sumtibus vero Theodori de Bry, [1590] MDXC.

Hans Dernschwams Bericht über Ernährungsgewohnheiten in der Türkey, Ungarn usw. (16. Jh.) -- Hans Dernschwam's report on 16th century food, foodways and cookery in Turkey, Hungary etc.  -- Textgrundlage: Hans Dernschwam's Tagebuch einer Reise nach Konstantinopel und Kleinasien (1553/55). Nach der Urschrift im Fugger-Archiv herausgegeben und erläutert von Franz Babinger. München/ Leipzig 1923, 123-131 (Studien zur Fugger-Geschichte 7).

Shakespeare and Food (An alphabetical garden of the Bard's esculent poesies) - a collection of food-related quotations.

Japanese Tea Ceremony links

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Cotgrave's 1611 French-English dictionary - a work frequently cited by Austin - available in facsimile

Webpage by Wm Rubel devoted to Randle Cotgrave's 1611 Dictionary

Attempree diete was al hir phisik: The Medieval Application of Medical Theory to Feasting by Kristen M. Burkholder.

The travelogue of Leonhart Rauwolf - 1582

Online Glossary Project of historic Culinary & Brewing Terms

Anglo-Norman Dictionary

Glossarium Culinarium Latinum

History of Food & wine of Azerbaijan, Arabia, Persia, the Silk Road,  & much more

La Cocina Historica – culinary history of Mexico

Virginia Tech Digital Library, the Culinary History Collection, facsimilies.

The Royal English and Foreign Confectioner – 1862. Digitized facsimile.

Le nozze principesche di Violante Visconti di M.G. Tolfo 15 giugno 1368. Menu

The New Netherland Project - Dutch American Colonial History

The Plymouth Colony Archive Project at the University of Virginia

Food intake in Greenland from 900s to 1400s using C14 dating

Historic cooking of the Netherlands - in Dutch & English

Historical Recipes A Look Back at How Our Ancestors Cooked -recipes & cookbook reviews from early American cookbooks

AN AMERICAN FEAST  - Food, Dining, and Entertainment in the United States from Simmons to Rombauer

Gastronomie medievale - exhibit - in French

"A Food Journal of Lewis & Clark" - Official cookbook of the National Council Lewis &  Clark Bicentennial

K-12 teacher resources for food history lessons

Henry Notaker's Old Cookbooks and Food History

Nürnberger Puppen-Kochbuch. Herausgegeben von Tante Betty. Neunte Auflage. Nürnberg 1896.

Professor Martha Carlin's Home Page - many links to culinary texts

An Exhibition from the Esther B. Aresty Collection of Rare Books in the Culinary Arts

Ostgardr Cooking Page

"The Town of Cropredy 1570 - 1640." by A.P.Keegan. Town records, including grain bills

Cocina Histórica - (in Spanish)  Un trabajo Multidisciplinar en el marco del proyecto TRENDS

A 15th century recipe for a giant egg

Francesco Sirene, Spicer - much useful information on herbs, spices, & more.

St. Valentine's Feast, Feb. 15, 1997 (A.S. XXXI). Notes from the Kitchen by Rufina Cambrensis & Joshua ibn-Eleazar. FAQ list and conversion helper

SCA Cooking and Food links

SCA - Stefan's Florilegium. -a collection of discussions, many of which are about food history.

SCA-Cooks mailing list - email Majordomo@Ansteorra.ORG with the message body of "subscribe SCA-Cooks".

Food Supply - Through Markets and Administered Provision

Cooking Schools 101- Your Guide to Culinary Schools

Gode Cookery

Medieval Use of Herbs

Some articles I wrote for ChefTalk ezine:

- Pipefarces
- Sallats
- Illusion Foods
- Building a 17th century style Malt House

Patricia B. Mitchell's Inkling Series Booklist

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Magazines & ezines:

Index to the Proceedings of the Oxford Symposium on Food & Cookery 1981-1994

Petits Propos Culinaires - new home page

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The Stewpot -  Bibliography of Books on Medieval and Renaissance Cooking

Thomas Gloning's bibliography of cookery, wine, etc.

Henry Notaker's Old Cookbooks and Food History Cookbook bibliographies and catalogues

Cultura Gastronomica Italiana

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Specific Foods (see also Botany links)

History of the ice cream cone


Uses of the palm by Oronoco Indians - an 18th century account in Spanish - See Chapter IX

Pineapple illustration by Jacopo Ligozzi (1547-1626).

Sugar Sculpture – some texts with illustrations

More on Sugar Sculpture by Ivan Day and Howard Coutts

Cochineal in pictures

 Medieval Mustard

The Long History of the Mysterious Fava Bean By Russ Parsons, Los Angeles Times

Tea from the Tea-Garden to the Teacup with Twenty Illustrations,  New York: Francis H. Leggett & Co. First Edition, year 1900.

An Article about the history of Turkish Cheeses

Chocolate: or, An Indian Drinke. - Excerpts from a 1652 book.

The women's petition against coffee (1674)
The manner of making coffee, tea and chocolate, as it is used in most parts of Europe, Asia, Africa and America. With their virtues. Newly done out of French and Spanish. London 1685.
More early texts about tea and coffee.
By the King. A proclamation for the suppression of the coffee-houses (1675)
The Vertues of Chocolate / The Properties of Cavee [Oxford: Henry Hall 1660]

The Incredible Peanut

Potato migration to Europe

Alternative Wheat Cereals as Food Grains: Einkorn, Emmer, Spelt, Kamut, and Triticale

THE ORIGINS OF PASTA  Documents & data

Peas, beans and lentils by Ann Butler

Bread in Ancient Egypt (scroll down)


"Excavations at the refinery of the medieval sugar mill of Kolossi have been completed_"
THE BEE, THE REED, THE ROOT- The History of Sugar, by  RAY BURKE

Information on Ambergris use in beverages - scroll down to the middle of the page

Gum Arabic

Il pomodoro - the tomato (In Italian)

More than you wanted to know about ambergris


Comparative History Timeline for coffee and tea

Food Timeline

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Historic Food/Cooking Illustrations

Ottoman festival-trees and candy-gardens , July 1720 - - illustrations showing sugar work

The late Middle Ages kitchen in the Rodendorf house, Eltz Castle, Germany, 1540.

pictures of a 1580s fishmonger's shop and a butcher shop

La Feste a La Tour du Lac - Table Service

Etiquette -  Minding Your "P'S and Q'S" in Medieval Azerbaijan

Medieval & Renaissance Food Homepage - medieval food clip-art.

Roman baker's mark

BEUCKELAER, Joachim -  Flemish painter (b. 1530, Antwerpen, d. 1574, Antwerpen) - many food related pictures

Some pictures of medieval strainers - Note: the links back to me on this page are incorrect, so bookmark this page.

Banquet scenes

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Pots & Pans (see also Amphorae)


Here are some photos of some of the earlier cutlery in the Wartburg castle cutlery collection.  These all date from the early
1600s.  This has inlaid mother of pearl.  Two of these carved ivory figures have inlaid red jewels. These later examples
have built-in pistols, for dining with your in-laws (2 photos of the same set from slightly different angles).

Romeins Aardewerk - Roman kitchen & cookery utensils
Atlas of Roman Pottery - images, maps, much useful information

Knives in 17th Century Still Life Paintings

Essay on Medieval Feastware.

Serçe Liman1 11th Century Byzantine Shipwreck Excavation

A small European rotary quern.



Bronze Flagons

Building and Using a Medieval-Style Hemispherical Bake Oven

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"A Sip Through Time" is my book of over 400 documented historical brewing recipes from 1800 B.C. to modern times. It includes recipes for beer, mead, metheglin, wine, cider, hypocras, and many more alcoholic beverages. Click here to see:


"...If you are a maker of any of these brews, this book should be in your library. And if you're not, you will be after reading it."
--Bee Culture Magazine

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Beer Links:

Home Brewing an Ancient Beer - by Ed Hitchcock
Hymn to Ninkasi - Miguel Civil

Sources for Historical Brewing by Greg Lindahl - includes many transcriptions of historical texts.

The London and Country Brewer, 1736 - facsimile

Recreating Medieval English Ales (a recreation of late 13th - 14th c. unhopped English ales)

Elizabethan Homebrewing by Tofi Kerthjalfadsson

Indian King Tavern Museum

6 old titles have been recently reprinted and are available for purchase:

The Complete Practical Brewer, 1852, by M.L. Byrn
The Complete Practical Distiller, 1875, by M.L. Byrn
The Town and Country Brewery Book, circa 1830, by W. Brande
The Theory and Practice of Brewing, 1762, by Michael Combrune
The Practical Distiller, 1809, by Samuel M. Harry
The Scottish Ale Brewer and Practical Maltster, 1847, by W. H. Roberts.

The Brewer, by William Loftus, published in 1863.

The 1881 Household Cyclopedia's chapter on brewing.

Debatable Brewers' Recipes: Ale for Fish

Brewing History Mailing List - to subscribe, send email to containing the words "subscribe hist-brewing" (or subscribe hist-brewing-digest, if you want the digest.)

Gauger and Measurer's Companion, 1694, showing weights and measures (ex: 1 kilderkin of beer = 144 pints, but 1 kilderkin of ale is only 128 pints) - Texas A&M Univ. Library pass required.

Welcome to Ian Gourdon's Brewing and Vintning Page.

SCA Brewers Guilds

Beer History

Beer Info Source

How To Brew by John Palmer

Estonian Koduolu Homebrewing , Part 1

Sahti - A Remnant of  Finland's Rustic Past

The Science of Making Beer, Wine and Alcohol through Fermentation

Everything you need to know about brewing...

Thomas Fawcett, Malts

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Mead Links:

A circa 1393 mead recipe. - from Le Menagier de Paris.

A long list of US Meaderies

Types of Mead

The Mead Maker's Page

Mead Making

Mead Lover's Digest - email for [un]subscribe/admin requests. When subscribing, please include your name and email address in body of message.

The Mead Lover's Digest  archive

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Winemaking Links:


The Winemaking Home Page

Sean Thackrey, Winemaker - Wine-related Excerpts from dated sources

A Short and Practical Treatise on the culture of the Wine-Grapes in The United States of America... - facsimile

The wine book of Johann Rasch  – 1580, manuscript facsimile

wine dictionary

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Miscellaneous Brewing Links:

John French - The Art of Distillation, 1651

 The SCA Brew Historical Brewing Library

The "Celtic" Drinking Banquet

A miscellany of early cordials  by  Forester Nigel FitzMaurice


Distillation information

Medieval & Renaissance Brewing Home page

SCA Brewing - lots of great links

Online Glossary Project of historic Culinary & Brewing Terms

Medieval Brewers Home Page

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Magazines and ezines:


Brewing Techniques Magazine

American Brewer & Beer the Magazine

Winestate, Australia's National Wine Magazine

BreWorld, European brewing magazine

Smart Wine Online

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Cider Links:

The Real Cider and Perry Page

Small-Scale Cidermaking

Cider Digest - email for subscribe/unsubscribe/admin requests. When subscribing, please include your name and email address in the message body . Archives of the Digest are available for anonymous FTP at in pub/clubs/homebrew/cider.

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Wyeast Laboratories, Inc. is the leading source of fermentation cultures for beer and wine making worldwide.

Homebrew Supplies:

**Four Corners Corp., Inc. Retail Wine, Beer, Liquor, At-Home Brew Supplies, & more.

Sheaf & Vine Homebrew Supply store - by the author of "Homebrewing, volume 1"

Home Brew Supply, LLC

*Bett-A-Brew - Beer & Winemaking Supplies, Queensland, Australia. Email

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Roman Amphorae in Britain

The AMPHORAS Project - reproduction Greek vases & pottery

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