A Sip Through Time


Fruit Winemaking Quarterly, January, 1988:
"...On all levels, Cindy has succeeded in pulling together a truly amazing collection of winemaking history... For wine lovers around the world, this is a book for your enjoyment, education, and fascination... Like producers of heirloom fruits and vegetables, Cindy's A Sip Through Time is an heirloom list of recipes... this book makes a great addition to any winemaker's library...."

Better Winemaking, Summer, 1997:
"This delightful book... is a great value to any winemaker who likes to stray from the usual batches of Cabernets and Chardonnays...."

Tournaments Illuminated #121, Winter 1997:
"For the experienced brewer, or the brewer who is gaining experience, A Sip Through Time offers a wealth of information and resources collected in one convenient volume. I would recommend this book to any brewer who has the basic skills and equipment, but is looking for period recipes, and for the experienced period brewer who just wants a ready reference."

Renaissance Magazine, Vol. 1, issue #4, 1996:
"If you would like your historical cup to truly runneth over, then few books will be as useful to you as A Sip Through Time..."

Randy Mosher for All About Beer Magazine, 1996:
"...It is truly exciting to brew these old drinks, bringing something rare and exotic back to life after all these dusty centuries. A Sip Through Time is a real reanimator."

Recreating History, June/July 1996:
"This phenomenal compendium of period recipes contains over 400 authentic, documented period brews, from ale to wormwood brandy. It's a must for any serious brewer, no matter what period they portray."

Celebrator Beer News, June/July, 1996:
"...the book can be enjoyed not only by beer scholars, but also by those simply intrigued by delving into the past. The recipes are in the language - and spellyng - of each period; that, and several antique engravings and woodcuts give the book a special period flavor."

Brewing Techniques, November/December 1996.
"Over 400 authentic recipes for beer, mead, metheglin, posset, liqueur, cider, perry, hypocras, and other brews you've never heard of, from medieval times on... experimenters will get plenty of new ideas from this book."

Bee Culture - November 1995:
"This book is a beekeeper's delight...If you are a maker of any of these brews, this book should be in your library. And if you're not, you will be after reading it."

Renaissance Herald - November 1995:
"This is a fun...book which contains over 400...documented period recipes for Ale, Beer, Mead, metheglin, Cider, Perry, Brandy, Liqueurs, Distilled Waters, Hypocras, Wines, Caudles, Possets, and Syllabubs. A Sip Through Time is a valuable and entertaining reference tool that readers will turn to again and again. A great gift for yourself or a friend..."

Ricardian Register, Winter, 1995:
"Ms. Renfrow, the author of Take a Thousand Eggs or More, a Medieval cookbook, has now produced a similar work on potables, from 1800 BC to modern times, or at lease to the time of the Hangoverians - er, Hanoverians... this is a most interesting compilation of recipes, with a useful herbal and glossary appended, and many illustrations from old woodcuts."

Scum - #18, Summer 1995:
"Cindy Renfrow (of Take a Thousand Eggs or More) has a new tome to her credit: A Sip Through Time, being a collection of over 400 old brewing recipes, packed into 335 pages...I highly recommend it for the experienced brewer/vintner/mead-maker..."

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