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Hello! Thanks for dropping by.

It's been an eventful time in my life. Things have been rather hectic and unsettled, and I'm sorry to say my projects (a glossary of medieval and renaissance culinary terms, and an online culinary history network) got pushed aside in the chaos. I've just moved to San Diego, California. Once the dust settles, I hope to get back on track.

Also, despite what you may have read on Amazon.com's perpetually buggy website, "Take a Thousand Eggs or More" is still very  much in print. It is available through Amazon. com, Poison Pen Press, or a wide variety of other booksellers.

Royal Fireworks Press, has re-printed it. It is available from them in paperback, wire-bound, or library binding. Their address is Box 300, First Avenue, Unionville, NY 10988.  Fax orders to 845-726-3924. Tel: 845-726-4444, attention Margaret.

I've posted some photos of my travels, so click here if you like vicarious thrills.

Please note that my website address has changed to http://www.thousandeggs.com


Last updated December 22, 2008.