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It's spargel (asparagus) season here in Berlin.  These four pieces weighed in at 1/4 pound apiece.

This is the "castle" on Peacock Island (Pfaueninsel).  Looks nice from a distance, but it's quite obviously fake up close. It was built as a playhouse for the mistress of Prussian King Friedrich Wilhelm II.

The Baltic Sea near Rostock on a stormy day.

Some pretty Hungarian garb.

A windmill near Sansoucci.

Some very funny armor.  More funny armor -- a shield with a built in lantern for fighting at night, and an unhappy helmet.

Here are some photos of some of the earlier cutlery in the Wartburg castle cutlery collection.  These all date from the early
1600s.  This has inlaid mother of pearl.  Two of these carved ivory figures have inlaid red jewels. These later examples have built-in pistols, for dining with your in-laws (2 photos of the same set from slightly different angles).

A pretty half-timbered building in Thuringia.

Wartburg castle, wherein we found a 16th century game board. More pieces of the castle: 1, 2, 3