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This page contains links to a growing number of old culinary & brewing texts that are now available online.  We are compiling a list of people who are working on additional transcription or translation projects involving old cookbooks and cookery manuscripts in order to avoid duplication of effort.  Click here to see the list of works in-progress.  Please email cindy at thousandeggs.com if you are currently working on, or have completed, such a project and wish it to be listed on these pages.


Links to Online E-Texts of Historical Cookbooks

Links to Online E-texts of old Brewing Books

Works in-progress.


Original Source Material Online:  (if you know of more, please send me the url). Many of these manuscripts are in need of English translation.  If you are interested in doing this work, please email cindy at thousandeggs.com  For a list of historical cookbooks currently being transcribed or translated see http://culinaryhistory.org



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Feeding America: Historical American Cookbook Project. "The Michigan State University Library and the MSU Museum are partnering to create an online collection of the most important and influential 19th and early 20th century American cookbooks." Books are presented in html, xml, in facsimile and in pdf, so I won't bother linking to each title and option individually. The above link will take you to the main index. Online holdings thusfar include: Return to [Index]





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  • A Translation of a seventeenth century Romanian cookbook, entitled "The Book where I write dishes of fish, crayfish, oysters, snails, vegetables, salads and other dishes for fast and non-fast days. In their serving order." The manuscript, originally written in Slavonic script, was translated to the modern roman alphabet by Ioana Constantinescu and published in a book called "O lume intr-o carte de bucate: Manuscris din epoca brancoveneasca" by the Romanian Cultural Foundation Editions (ISBN 9735770903). Go to http://www.florilegium.org/, click on Food - Manuscripts, Then on Romanian Cookbook.

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    Other Online Sources:
  • GREWE Digital Library - Numerous works of the 16th, 17th, and 18th centuries, shown in facsimile as scanned image files, some of which are listed here separately.
  • Alonso de Herrera, Gabriel. Agricvltvra general : qve trata de la labranza del campo, y svs particvlaridades, crianza de animales, propiedades de las plantas que en ella se contienen y virtudes prouechosas à la salud humana. En Madaid [sic] : por Carlos Sanchez : a costa de Antonio de Ribero ..., 1645.
  • Lemery, Nicolas. Modern curiosities of art & nature. London : printed for Matthew Gilliflower ... and James Partridge ..., 1685.
  • Cervio, Vincenzo. Il Trinciante di M. Vincenzo Cervio : ampliato et a perfettione ridotto dal Caualier Reale Fusoritto da Narni... In Roma : ad istanza di Giulio Burchioni : nella stampa del Gabbia, 1593 .
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