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 We are establishing a searchable Online Culinary History Network. We intend to eventually merge this list with the information found at our new website,

The purpose of this list has been to keep track of who is doing which cookbook.  Our new site will fulfill this function and also serve as a "to do list" of historical culinary titles in need of transcription and/or translation.  Our site is intended to aid scholars who may be searching for resources or translation assistance, or deciding on their next project. Our project is also intended to help avoid duplication of effort. Please email if you are working on an historical cookbook  project and wish it to be listed.  Please include sufficient bibliographical information to identify the specific edition.

To see a list of cookbooks already online, please click here. This list will also soon be incorporated into our new website.

Cookbook Projects:

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  • Catalunya MS 2112 "De apereylar be de menyar" -- A complete transcription   --Tom McDonald
  • "Libro de guisados, manjares y potajes  intitulado libro de cozina", Ruperto de Nola,  Logrono, Spain, 1529, The translation  is now webbed in the Florilegium.  I am hoping to get the original Spanish transcribed and webbed.  -- Robin Carroll-Mann
  • "Libre de Sent Soví" -- A transcription, translation and redaction  incorporating all (3) extant manuscripts (University Library of Barcelona MS 68, University Library of Valencia MS 216, and Library of Catalunya MS 2112), for print publication. The book is about 80% complete and I'm shooting for  publication in the 2004-2005 timeframe.   --Tom McDonald
  • "Libret de Menyar Catalan", from the Barcelona MS 68, a printed booklet of about 25 recipes from to be released this summer or fall.   --Tom McDonald
  • "Libre de Totes Maneres de Confits", a 14th century treatise on candymaking.  Translation from Catalan . Currently I have completed a draft translation of "Llibre de Totes Maneres  de Confits".  I plan to  transcribe the Catalan text directly from the manuscript. This project is on  hold currently, until I can find someone to proof the manuscript and the transcription.  The final work will contain an introduction, the  transcription and translation printed on facing pages, full bibliography and  notes, and a section of worked up recipes. --Vincent Cuenca

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